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Gemstone Cutting Factory Meelis - Interview with Katarina Perez
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Gebr. Meelis OHG was founded in 1972 by the brothers Claus and Cornelis Meelis. The finest gemstones were traded on the traditional Hauptstrasse 22 over 100 years ago. At that time it was mainly Australian opals. From 1972 onwards, Gebr. Meelis specialized in high-quality lapis lazuli and rhodochrosite from Argentina. The gemstone portfolio has been continuously expanded since 1999 and now includes all common colored stones - from tourmalines or aquamarines of the highest quality to spinels or sapphires. In 2004, Christopher Meelis joined the company, ushering in the third generation of the traditional Meelis company. Thanks to an extensive network around the globe that has been built up over decades, we can respond flexibly to all inquiries. We only work with long-standing suppliers who enjoy our complete trust. In order to meet the increasingly complex requirements of rough stone procurement, we also operate directly on site in the mines of a selection of rough gemstone deposits. Transparent and ethical actions are very important to us.

The Meelis gemstone cutting workshop - An interview by Katerina Perez with Christopher Meelis

Katerina Perez, renowned gemologist and freelance journalist for the international jewelry industry, conducted an interview with Christopher Meelis some time ago. You are welcome to read the questions and answers on the topics of gemstone processing, gemstone treatments and company prospects here:
Precision Gems: Gebrüder Meelis' Expertise in Calibrated Colour

Tradition and Modernity “Made in Germany”

Specialized and certified

In our modern gemstone cutting workshops, which are fully certified, we can cut individual gemstones as well as calibrated stones. Our credo is “Made in Germany”. Cutting and polishing of our gemstones is carried out using the most modern precision machines, all of which were developed in Germany. Highly qualified specialists ensure the consistently high precision of our gemstone cuts. We work internationally and are represented at numerous gemstone trade fairs.

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