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Single and Calibrated Cut of Gemstones

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Gemstones Cut by Gebr. Meelis - Precision in Perfection!

Gebr. Meelis - Experience, Competence and Highest Quality!
The gemstone cutting factory "Gebrüder Meelis" is a long-established German company from Kirschweiler near the gem cutter's city Idar-Oberstein.
We cut single stones and calibrated gemstones (cabochons, teardops, faceted gems) and work precisely and efficiently!
Gem Cutting Workshop Meelis - Moonstone (Black)

Gemstone Cabochon

Black Moonstone
Gem Cutting Service Meelis - Blue Chalcedony


Blue Chalcedony
Gem Cutting Service Meelis - Faceted Tourmaline

Faceted Gems

Gemstone Cutting Service Meelis - Tourmaline (Faceted Gems)

Faceted Tourmaline

Gemstone Cutting Service